Postage boxes

Post no doubt is a very effective medium of transferring items from one place to another. People living at a long distance can exchange gifts and can share important commodities without paying a physical visit to the required place with the help of postage. Postage boxes play a significant role in the postage business, they are required to transfer the goods and commodities from one place to another in a safe and secure way. The customers opting this medium in order to transfer their items rely on the company for the safe delivery of their items.



We are here to solve all your packaging requirements. From the packaging of simple documents to that of very delicate items, we offer custom shipment packaging solutions at competitive prices. We manufacture and customize the packaging in total alliance with your requirements and desires. We offer:

In short, the firms and organizations are in dire need of high-quality custom designed postage boxes that would be able to provide utmost safety to their respective items during transit. What sets Nimix Packaging Solutions apart from the rest of the competitors is its ability to offer a wide range of customized postage boxes, made just according to your requirements of size, shape and design. They can be manufactured using quality materials like cardboard, paper or multiwall corrugated fibers.

Custom designed postage boxes are available in various shapes and sizes designed especially for your needs. The various shapes include rectangular, square, triangular, circle and other custom shapes for your choice. Not only this but as a customer you have the freedom of designing your own box by choosing the size and shape of the box yourself. To add glamour to the packaging, it is always advisable to choose an elegant color which will match accordingly with your products.

The conventional packaging options are not always the best and safest options. Sometimes, to protect fragile items or to safeguard them against getting spilled over or enduring rough handling requirements emerge that require customized attention.

Our custom postage boxes are a better fit to customized packaging requirements of your small and fragile items, which require protection and preservation against the elements. We can create a variety of postage boxes, one of which is the To-Go Digital Postage, which has been specially designed for all your courier products.

Customized postage boxes offer you security, as they can be made available at your doorstep. Their cost is also comparatively less when compared to a plethora of alternatives.

Custom-made postage boxes and packaging items have become very popular in the trade shipping world, especially when it comes to shipping fragile or extra-delicate items. Many shipping companies now often offer special protection packaging procedures for mailing fragile or expensive products to ensure their secure transit from one place to the other.

Postage boxes are manufactured in different sizes and finishes. Apart from strength, the boxes are made in a manner that ensures their convenience of usage. They can be easily bought from the market and they are also available customized to your specifications. The boxes have the proper alignment of inserts or dividers and gaps are kept uniform throughout the box to ensure smooth unloading and loading of items at both ends.

International Postal Services are indispensable part of the Global Market. The postal services are offering a wide range of boxes to suit all types of clientele, at an even wider range of prices. The kind of packaging chosen for the items to be sent via post will be based on the nature and precautionary measures required for the items carried. Many times, it is best if boxes are not only functional but also aesthetically good looking as they have to be viewed before they are bought by clients in exhibitions, shops and so on. Then there are some packaging requirements like postage boxes that need to be sent via post due to their importance or sensitivity and might require special care needed for their delivery and weather conditions.

We, the Custom Packaging Boxes and Cases Manufacturers, help our clients to retain a task-oriented approach with an aim to offer them the best quality shipping containers whereby their treasures and valuable items reach their destination in time.

Postage Boxes are designed to be highly secure and tamper-proof. That is why these boxes have secure sliders and latchable door catches. These postage shipping boxes are used as a packaging solution for huge magnum bottles of wine and liquor, miscellaneous glassware items, soft delicate electronics, heavy hard materials, general foodstuff items, stationery items and other fragile objects demanding safe transportation.

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