Custom Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a great way to make your products stand out. They’re not only contemporary but also essentially beautiful and easy to move around. In today’s world of great acceptance of the unconventional, pillow boxes are a must-have especially if you’re a growing business or do cute gift items. They’re also a great way to surprise someone on a special occasion such as a birthday party, Christmas or an anniversary, with a surprise inside.


Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Get your custom pillow boxes and wholesale pillow boxes designed by Tingley Boxes Ltd for commercial or personal use, and give your products a great, origami-like look that goes remarkably well with all types, sizes, and sorts of items, whether it’s jewelry, candles, delicacies, clothes, apparel etc. With customizable options of having an easy-open tap horizontally made instead of in the ends like conventional pillow boxes, and having ribbon handles for easy accessibility, you’re set to go! When it comes to eye-catching products and intriguing packaging, pillow boxes are something that you must always keep in mind when packaging something, whether it is an item for sale, of gifts, such as clothing items, apparel, jewellery and many more.

With a series of shapes and sizes and customizable options on ribbon handles and easy to open tabs on both sides along with their graceful shape, they make selling so much easier, and also make for wonderful present wraps! Give your loved ones gifts in these exquisitely designed and manufactured pillow boxes! If you’re a progressing business or a start-up, your products could always use a different and unique packaging to captivate the audience and give them something that’s out of the ordinary. Custom pillow boxes with your brand information printed, designed, embossed or foiled on top will add the last touch of perfection and finesse that will increase sales! If you are organizing an event, such as a birthday party, it’s important to remember decorative party favours, giveaways and goody bags wrapped exquisitely. Although standard cellophane or poly bags are a popular selection, consider impressing your guests with something unique and fun!

Tingley Boxes Ltd solutions:

Tingley Boxes Ltd offers clients a huge list of choices that they can choose from in order to make their custom pillow boxes and wholesale pillow boxes get extra attention and reach marketing excellence. We offer different materials to suit your brand image and personalized specifications, with a nice matte or glossy finish and satin lining interior or velvet cushion to keep the item safe from dust or moisture. You can have our designers create the look you’ve been dreaming about, and recreate it on durable material that will last you a long time and help make more sales! Whether you’re an apparel brand or a jewellery store, or an individual who needs personalized pillow boxes with a personalized message for your loved one, Half Price Packaging has got the solution for you! The perfect look of glamour merged with art is what you’re looking for! For an even better effect, get your pillow boxes a customized ribbon handle.

Get your inner artist happy with these incredibly hip and contemporary packaging boxes that enhance and glamourize the contents inside infinitely, and are worth a purchase! Tingley Boxes Ltd will make sure all your packaging needs are being met!

About Us:

Tingley Boxes Ltd is all about perfection and client satisfaction. We provide the best of the best, and make use of the most durable material for our packaging boxes that does not corrode and is fit for all uses, is resilient and also eco-friendly. Our round the clock, 24/7 customer support team and designers work closely with clients with queries, complaints and issues and help to ensure complete accuracy when it comes to the final product. Our affordable prices along with the short turnaround time of 8-10 business days and free delivery across the US and Canada regions is what you need for all your packaging needs! Call us, place an order and let us take it from there, from design to printing to packaging to manufacturing to delivery, all will be taken care of by our customer support department, a team of graphic designers and our technical teams. We believe in value for money and making sure that the clients are happy with the end product!

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