Invitation boxes are used all around the world to send out invitations for events, weddings, seminars and opening nights. Invitation boxes look elegant, prestigious and are respected throughout. The point of the invitation box is to convey the value of the person’s presence and respect at a certain event. Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd specializes in crafting the perfect invitation boxes for all your events.

Invitation Boxes to Enhance the Look of Invitation Cards & More!

Invitation boxes have replaced old methods of invitations which were usually done using envelopes. These invitation boxes can be filled with sweets and treat along with the invitation card itself to make the recipient of the invitation feel adored and connected.
Everyone wants to make their events special and memorable, so all efforts should be made in doing so. Your Invitation box is the first impression you give to your guests about how special the event is for you and how much you value their presence at the event.

Customized Invitation Boxes by Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd:

Since invitation boxes are related to events and themes, it is necessary that they are highly customizable. Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd offers custom invitation boxes which could be altered and designed to go with the theme and preferences of any event. Whether it be a wedding, an office party, a seminar, a graduation event, a charity event or any event that deserves a presentable custom invitation box we have the solution for you. Designing a custom invitation box associated with an event requires exceptional expertise, knowledge and specialization of understanding and mapping the needs of the clients. Our exceptionally talented creative designers will guide you through hundreds of ideas for your custom invitation boxes, from planning to blueprints to mock-up samples and final touches.

Out List of Exclusive Customizations:

Custom invitation boxes come in a variety of coatings such as Gloss UV, Matte UV, Semi-Gloss, Spot Gloss, and many other high-end options that will make these invitation cards look extremely classy and different from regular invitation boxes. The type of boxes can also be chosen from a variety of existing ones such as window cut boxes with gold/silver foiling, metallic labelling, with raised ink or embossing or simple print.

Wholesale Invitation boxes:

Our orders start at 100 pieces minimum. If you would like to order invitation boxes or custom invitation boxes in a larger amount, you can benefit from our wholesale invitation boxes rates and budget discounts. We provide wholesale services on all of our packaging boxes. The materials used to process your wholesale invitation boxes are the finest in the market with the quality of being 100 % environmentally friendly.

Our Printing & Packaging Solutions:

We make use of only the best resources, machinery and material to create the ideal packaging box for you. This includes the latest printing and cutting press and machinery that makes all sorts of contemporary customizable options possible. This gives the boxes a finesse and fine, consistent print and bold colours. The packaging material we use is eco-friendly and resistant to dust, moisture and wear and tear. It doesn’t only make for extremely diverse and practical packaging boxes that will last you a long time, but also advocate your brand and speak for itself, attracting the audience and compelling the purchase.

Our exceptional Services:

Tingley Boxes Ltd is renowned for its unprecedented manufacturing and printing services for packaging boxes with a turnaround time of 8 -10 days with free delivery across the UK  and Canada regions. Our 24 hours support team is ready to make sure your custom invitation boxes are done right for you. Our round the clock customer support team is always there to help you reach your packaging goals, track your orders, and assist you throughout your journey with us. Our team of graphic designers responsible for creating the look of the boxes, from print to the labelling to the outlook of the packaging are extremely qualified and have an eye for finesse, sound art and something out of the ordinary. They work closely and individually with each client to help them reach their goal on the final product and see to it that all the specifications are followed through completely. Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd offers completely personalized service! Our packaging material is 100% recycle able, durable and of finest quality according to your requirements. We struggle to provide proactive and immediate customer service to our valued clients and aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction levels. Choose Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd for all your business and personal packaging needs.

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