Fashion and styling industries have always been on the rise, along with these so has been the demand for styling products. People nowadays are more outspoken and aware of their appearances and know that hairstyles are statements in themselves. Tingley Boxes LtdPackaging offers stylish and durable hair spray boxes for hair spray products. These hair spray boxes come in different shapes and sizes but the universal dimensions of the hair spray boxes stay the same.


Hair Spray Boxes for Businesses:

When launching a brand featuring hair products, you need to understand the market, the competition and your product. Hair sprays could be of many types, from ladies’ hairstyling, shine booster hair spray, hair volume enhancer hairspray, conditioning spray and styling sprays. All these need unique hair spray boxes which deliver the right kind of information to the right market audience.

The Perfect Way to Market Your Brand:

When it comes to products that are used to enhance physical appearance, whether it’s the skin, features or hair, women go for the best! In order to reach a higher number of audience, and attracting more customers, it’s imperative that your products stand out from amongst others by competitor companies. Spontaneous and glamorous hair spray boxes look trendy and make a qualitative reputation of your brand and lasting impression on your customers. Executing the right kind of hair spray packaging requires ample amount of market and packaging knowledge, Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging has just that!

Custom Hair Spray Boxes Tailored According to Your Needs:

We offer custom hair spray boxes to our customers; the hair spray boxes could be customized to your personal likings and branding requirements. You can have elegant themes or a playful colour combination pattern for your custom hairspray boxes to make sure you catch the attention of your prospect customers. Custom Hair spray boxes with windows cut-outs and distinguishing body shapes give recognition to your hair spray brand, and other add on options make them more appealing. Compartments for product literature could be added on to give your custom hair spray boxes a final finesse. Custom Hair spray boxes are available in coatings such as Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV and final finishes such as Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink.

Why We’re the Best Around!

With our extremely affordable prices, durable material, excellent and personalized customer service, there is no way you can go wrong with Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging. Our designers work hard with each client individually to ensure that their packaging boxes turn out to be exactly how they envisioned, and our customer support department is more than accommodating to all clients in assistance and help! Our state of the art cutting and printing press paired with a talented design team and our use of the finest durable materials ensures that your custom hair spray boxes are of the highest quality.

Wholesale Hair Spray Boxes:

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging is offering wholesale services on all their products. If you wish to order hair spray boxes or custom hair spray boxes in larger quantities, you can benefit from our wholesale hairspray boxes discounts and rate. Your wholesale hair spray boxes will be manufactured with the finest durable and 100 % ecofriendly materials available in the market today. We take pride in our talented creative design team along with the state of the art cutting and printing press, making sure that your wholesale hairspray boxes are of high-end quality.

Our exceptional services:

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging makes sure that your custom hair spray boxes are done right for you. Our packaging material is 100% recycle able, durable and of finest quality according to your requirements. Our packaging boxes are resilient and designed with eco-friendly, biodegradable material to last you a long time. We have the most imaginative, professional and expert team of graphic designers who believe in delivering only the best in food packaging solutions, along with many others. Our 24/7 support team is always there to help you reach your packaging goals, track your orders, and assist you with any queries, complaints or problems you might have. We struggle to provide proactive and immediate customer service making us the best online packaging solution provider!

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