Hair extension is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. The clientele for hair extensions is not bound by any age or social class. Just like the product inside, hair extension boxes need to be just as memorizing, owing to the aesthetically inspired need for them. Tingley Boxes Ltd packaging offers you diverse customizations for designing remarkable hair extension boxes for your ever so beautiful customers. Try our custom hair extension boxes and have your clientele expand – sell more with the perfect outlook of these packages!


Hair extension boxes:

Hair extensions are the thing nowadays, with the ever so versatile fashion and style market. The 21st-century women are more aware of their appearance and tend to change their looks and style frequently to keep up with the latest trends. Waving good-bye to the restricting times, women have now embraced individuality and the capability of accepting bold changes, and experimentation when it comes to their appearances. The avant-garde ideas such as hair extensions of all types for different occasions are all the rage in today’s extremely progressive era. Hair extension boxes are greatly used to protect the hair extension inside, from any human or environmental damage. Custom Hair extension boxes can be tailored to perfection at our state of the art press. A key aspect of hair extension boxes is the windows that are embedded in the boxes so that the customer can have a preview of what’s inside. Custom hair extension boxes are available in Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV finishes. Variations in sizes and shapes are available too, but most often hair extension boxes have universal sizes and dimensions. Hair extension boxes having your brand name and logo on top are the perfect way to get your brand to achieve awareness and recognition. Useful information like product code, colour, web page address, how-to ideas and tips is a great way to not only promote but help the users of these products.

The Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging Printing and Packaging Solutions for All

With the help of our custom extension hair boxes, you will be able to step foot into the business of the extremely competitive fashion world with confidence and exclusivity in product, having your own unique finish to the box with the help of our state of the art press. Speaking of business, you can acquire great wholesale rates and savings if you order our wholesale hair extension boxes, which will be just as consistent in their top-notch quality and at low wholesale rates, with the same turnaround time, delivered to your doorstep. Whether you have a single product line or multiple where you need different colours and designs for different hair extensions, our wholesale hair extension boxes will have you covered. Our designers collaborate closely with the clients to get their preferences followed through and executed precisely on the final product, so you can have all your special requests and specifications turn into reality. For instance, if you want your high-end hair extensions to stand out amongst the increasing competition in the market, you can go for a very unconventionally designed and manufactured box with a satin interior to glorify the item inside, and can go for a nice textured, matte or gloss finish of the box to give it a certain grace. You can also go a step further by getting your company name, logo or other preferred text embossed, or metallically labelled, or written in gold/silver foil for better appearance. When it comes to the fashion world, the first impression lasts! So help us make your hair extension boxes captivate your clients to the point of no return! Call our 24/7 support team to help you design and get a quote!

Our exceptional services.:

Tingley Boxes Ltd packaging is renowned for its exceptional quality of product, manufacturing and printing services for packaging boxes with a turnaround time of 8 -10 days till the product is delivered to your doorstep. We have a team of committed designers to ensure our customers get the best quality products and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with complete reliability of your hair extension packaging for both commercial and personal use. We offer free delivery all across the U.K and Canada. Our 24 hours support team is ready to make sure your custom hair extension boxes are nothing but perfection. Our packaging material is 100% recyclable, giving your product an environmental friendly definition. Pick up the phone and place your order today, and let us help you with your printing and packaging needs!

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