From delicacies such as jewellery, candles or home decorations to edibles like cupcakes, macaroons etc., gable boxes prove to be the most innovative way to go! With a nice clear window for a peek inside at the products, you can have the perfect gift, giveaways at weddings, birthday parties and other events, along with presents for special ones. If you’re a food takeaway business, a restaurant or a café, gable boxes are a great way of packing edibles inside.


Gable Boxes:

If you believe in originality, uniqueness and chic, custom gable boxes are for you! For creative and versatile printing and packaging needs, gable boxes are quite the rage! They’re one of the most recent and unconventional packaging designs with an origami touch, that makes them completely desirable and different from plain packaging boxes. They make for the best presents, have a nice hand-crafted outlook and are incredibly attractive. Pair those with a nice design printed, logo embossed or gold foiled with a glossy texture and a great must-have item inside and you have yourself a treat. With a series of varying options such as window gable boxes that offer a look inside at the product with a clear coating to also protect it, small gable boxes for holding delicacies, jewellery and edibles to large ones to hold suitable items, you can get your favourite packaging style needs meeting with these hip boxes, and Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging will make it come true for you! The handles on top also make them handy to carry and easy to move around. They make essentially amazing goody bags and giveaways at events and special occasions, and with the variety of objects they can hold and glorify, they can be used for many purposes! The easy grab-handles go a long way to make these custom gable boxes handier and easy to carry. They aren’t only practical and extremely cute, they’re also great to keep the products inside safe. Get your custom-made wholesale gable boxes designed by Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging and give a nice classy yet hip outlook to your products.

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging:

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging specializes in unconventional packaging styles such as gable boxes and provides services both for personal and commercial use, with an option between wholesale gable boxes, or personalized custom gable boxes, depending on the clients’ needs and preferences, and the quantity of the boxes they require manufactured and delivered. Whether you’re a small business, a successful one or an individual with a fine taste, you could always do with a nicely designed package, to add the final touch to your favourite products. We offer a series of options to choose from, including materials, shapes, sizes, types and finishes, such as matte, glossy, kraft and textured, and a list of other options that include gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing, embellishing and many more for your logo and text, with the printing design to match the customers’ requests, their business theme or personalizes choices. Add the final touch of exquisiteness and exclusivity to your incredible custom gable boxes to captivate the audience by making use of the versatile options we offer, along with the expertise of our graphic designers on board who work hard to get clients what they want, every detail matching their preferences, with no room for error or compromise. Get your gable boxes wholesale and reach new highs of selling!

Why Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging?

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging caters to all types of clients, personal and commercial businesses across the US and Canada regions. We believe in selling only the best, and not only selling, but creating lasting relationships with clients by serving them throughout their journey with us and offering them excellence, and value for their money. Due to our attention to detail and use of strictly only the best of everything, we have accumulated a large smiling clientele and believe in providing nothing but precision in terms of our products and services. Go with Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging for the most out-of-the-box, versatile and lasting packaging and printing options, the best offered in the market for low prices with a short turnaround time of 8-10 working days before delivery to your doorstep. Our round the clock customer support agents are helpful and offer assistance to clients in all matters, as we strive to provide not only the best product but also outstanding customer service. Our prices are low and our products high-quality, so order your favourite custom gable boxes and get them delivered to your doorstep in 8-10 working days!

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