It turns out those bursting flavors, sweet cakes have their own realm of boxes too. Yes, Four Corner Cake Boxes are to cakes what Juliet is to Romeo. These Four Corner Cake Boxes are especially designed to hold cakes. They cover them. Shelter them as needed. While doing so, they preserve them from naughty bees and flies and the entire foul atmosphere. It is due to these boxes that one enjoys a piece or two just to say “Delish!”.

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This smart piece of packaging is designed particularly for selling and transporting cakes and other bakery items with great protection. FOUR CORNER CAKE BOXES comes bundled with a plenty of benefits that would help you add a stroke of convenience to your bakery business.

Four Corner Cake Box is a smart piece of packaging, designed for selling and transporting cakes. The box includes an insert board that limits the movement of baked goods to avoid damage. The box is ideal for the transportation of bakery items.

A secure packing solution for the bakers. The eco-friendly and secure four corner cake boxes are a perfect piece of solution to pack and transport heavy bakery items such as cupcakes, breads, etc. The edge of the box that is designed with a protective lock system offers a safe transportation for your cakes and other items.The four corner cake boxes include an insert card so that you can place your cakes on it in a convenient manner and also limit its movement within the carton. Though these cake packaging boxes are lightweight, it ensures full protection for your valuable cakes and desserts without compromising on their quality. Order from us now!

Next time your bakery, cake shop or catering business has so much to give away and distribute, do it the smart way by making use of our outstanding four corner cake boxes. Available in different print options, these four corner cake boxes would not only help you transport your cakes and bakery items in a safe manner but would also help you strengthen your brand identity. However, their most special benefit is that they are quite economical as compared to other options available in the market. Next time you have parties, weddings or any other events going on opt for this perfect piece of packaging that ensures great protection and great branding.

In need for an extra-safe packaging for your bakery items? We at “” offer you a great deal of options in terms of packaging your delectable items in stylish four corner cake boxes. Aligned with the best business practices in our industry, we make sure that we abide by the quality standards of our products. We adopt a strict quality control approach and ensure environmental protection policies in all our manufacturing processes.

Take your cakes, muffins and cupcakes to new heights with this cake box. You can count on this carton to deliver a quality product without fail. These flat-cake cartons are ideal for carry out food. If you offer delivery of your baked goods, then these cake boxes make excellent additions to your restaurant supplies. They come in a bundle of 50 so you’re ready when clients order cakes or cupcakes. And because they are flat-carton boxes with fluted sides, they make an exceptionally high quality presentation case. Wedding and party planners love these boxes because they can rely on them to protect the merchandise inside while also showing clients the attention to detail they deserve.

Save time and effort when packaging your cakes, muffins and other delicious desserts with our Four Corner Cake Boxes. These cake cartons are made of sturdy cardboard, have a firm base and fluted sides that slide together for easy assembly. The ideal choice for take away food and perfect for use in the home or for a party planner to provide the ultimate in classy presentation at any event.

These sturdy boxes feature a one-piece design for fast, hassle-free assembly. The tabs at each end ensure that the box folds easily and the tops are held secure. Fill these bakery boxes with a variety of delectable treats to showcase your cooking talent. The four corners hold the cakes firmly in place so they don’t wiggle while you’re carrying them or wrapping them in plastic wrap.

Four corner cake boxes add convenience to your bakery business. The four fluted sides allows for easy stacking, organization and storing. They are the ideal choice for take away food. This box is perfect for cupcakes and come in bulk so you’re ready when you need to pack your product and get it out the door.

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