Foundation is a necessary part of your daily makeup routine. Often known as a second skin, various foundations suit various skin types and tones. Liquid, cream or matte, you need your own personal foundation at hand, at all times. A night out with the girls or a long summer day, any outing just wouldn’t do without foundation! Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging now provides portable, affordable, custom foundation boxes, customized for your convenience!


Foundation Boxes for all Foundation Types!

Skincare is important when dealing with cosmetics. Different makeup companies manufacture endless types of foundations to blend naturally into your skin and match your skin tone, texture and colour. Additionally, they often provide a thin film over your skin to protect it from dirt, UV rays or sweat. For a long day out, the foundation is essential, but so is a convenient place to keep it close by, easy to access in case of urgency or a last-minute touch-up.

Why Foundation Packaging is Essential:

Keep your foundations safe from heat, leakage, or any kind of damage by ordering your own foundation boxes. Foundation and other liquid makeup is prone to bacteria-growth and may result in skin infection, as it can act as the ideal breeding ground for bacteria! The need to protect it and keep it safely tucked away is underrated and very important!

Customized Foundation Boxes By Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging

We specialize in foundation packaging of all types; you can order yours now and get them customized according to the shape, size, colour, design, texture you desire, as well as the size of the bottle/tube or quantity of the specific foundation that you own. You can even contact us and order your company’s boxes with the logo or slogan printed on them to promote your own brand of foundations and make business! Get the best quality at your disposal, now at the most affordable rates. Place orders for wholesale foundation boxes and make use of bulk discounts that will add more value to the product for your money and help you sell more and increase your clientele! Our wholesale foundation boxes do not compromise on quality, and will be consistent in design and quality!

Try us!

Ever since we came into being, we have strived for nothing short of perfection. Since the beginning, we’ve handpicked a team of highly qualified designers who are the absolute best at what they do. At Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging, we stop at nothing but the best, be it the detail, design or quality of our product. Starting from the best client service to the most premium quality boxes produced in town, we pride ourselves in being the most unsurpassed packaging industry around.

Order your boxes today, and we will pay attention to all the finest details from personalized texture, colour, and size to type, material and any other specification that might suit you. Our round the clock customer service will tend to your every demand and our top-notch quality foundation boxes will be at your doorstep in the most affordable prices. Contact us today, order your own foundation boxes or any

Others that you can choose from our wide range of options. You can get your personalized, custom foundation boxes made, or get your company’s logo and name embossed on the boxes of your choice to publicize and promote your own brands. From elegance to the optimum quality, our customers are not disappointed. Your wish is our command!

Our Services:

Our affordable prices further enable us to help create a satisfied customer and allowing us to provide them with the best possible custom foundation boxes. Our packaging material is 100% recycle able, durable and of finest quality according to your requirements. Our packaging boxes are resilient and designed with eco-friendly, biodegradable material to last you a long time.

We also offer and aim to achieve consistency of high-quality throughout our journey with the client, and the expertise of our great tenanted graphic designers comes into play here, along with the latest printing technologies we make use of, ensuring sharp and bold colours and a great, perfect, professional final look. We have the most imaginative, professional and expert team of graphic designers who believe in delivering only the best in foundation packaging solutions, along with many others.

Our 24/7 support team is always there to help you reach your packaging goals, track your orders, and assist you with any queries, complaints or problems you might have. We struggle to provide proactive and immediate customer service to our valued clients and aim to achieve higher and higher customer satisfaction levels. Pick up the phone and place your order for foundation boxes today!

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