These foot lock tray boxes are sturdy packaging boxes. They offer maximum security to the product stored inside. The quality of material and the techniques used play vital role in the product’s durability. That is why we at Tingley boxes limited always choose the finest of materials and latest printing techniques for our clients. These boxes are commonly used in cosmetics and bakery products. They are also ideal for packaging and delivery of garments.

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The foot lock tray is a non-glued tray and produced for the purpose of packaging and conventionally presenting items. Among the tray family, this is the most presentable and attractive packaging solution. The assembling of these boxes is quick and straightforward because of the double panel lock on the sides. These revolutionary packaging design boxes are often utilized for bakery items and garment products.”

If you are looking for a packaging solution to present your items in an eye-catching way, the foot lock tray is the best option. Our non-glued tray is made with revolutionary packaging design and can be utilized for a wide range of products, including bakery and garment retail products. We manufacture these boxes by using double panel lock on the sides, which makes it easy to assemble as well as disassemble them.

Foot Lock Tray are a common packaging material for bakery items, garments and retail products.The non glued tray is the best way to present your items in an attractive and professional manner.Foot Lock Boxes can be used as a display box at showcases,tradeshows and market stalls.

FOOT LOCK TRAY transforms items into the adorable package that adds value to the items. Its overall design is excellent and perfect for all kinds of items, from bakery things to garments. The excellent structure of these boxes makes it adaptable for packaging various items.

It is the best packaging solution for presenting your products. This box is made from high-quality cardboard and Kraft material and can be customized in many ways like colors, designs, and sizes. The assembling of this package is easy without the use of any glue. It has a double panel lock on the sides for quick assembling.

If you run a bakery business and want your customers to remain nostalgic about your favorite cupcakes and cakes, then there’s no better option than the Foot Lock Tray. It has a distinctive structure and presents your item in an extremely attractive manner. Moreover, due to the manufacturing material’s nature, it is ideal for packing foods. Many brands use this packaging for shoes as well because of its unique shape. has mastered the skill of measuring and crafting foot lock trays for our customers to put their products for exhibition. We have a client base all over the globe that includes, but not limited to clothing, gift items, food, and bakery products. Our engineers have accomplished these tasks by using a unique system that our professionals developed to offer top quality at cost-effective rates.

Some companies, however, use these packaging designs for the purpose of showing off within the industry. They integrate these trays with foam inserts and partitions to showcase their products. It depends upon the consumer how they want to use it. The use of these trendy and unique trays is so widespread that it has become a standard across different industries in the corporate world today.

Other features that created for company’s success are creativity and originality. These are imperative in creating a better impact on customers. The eye-catching and extraordinary designed boxes have a higher chance of getting attention, which is likely to convert into sales!

If you are looking something that offers great functionality and is conveniently packaged, then the foot lock tray boxes are the offered option for you. This packaging style comes with a design that guarantees easy assembling and disassembling so it allows the customers to have an easy time while installing and reinstalling. The foot lock tray boxes also come with an advantage of fitting the actual dimensions of your product.Very much suitable for shipping purposes

Foot lock tray boxes are not heavy in weight and therefore they are very much suitable for shipping purposes since they are extra convenient to load, unload and handle around. The size of a foot lock tray box is designed to be exactly that of the actual product that is to be packaged inside of it.

This product is the perfect protector for your valuable items. Foot Lock Tray Boxes are the most durable and reliable packaging solution for shipping purposes. These boxes are made with sophisticated technology and design. The side walls are extruded in such a manner that provides additional support to the boxes. They can resist heat, moisture, water, dust, and all other environmental factors that may damage the goods inside.

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