Folding Boxes

Folding boxes comes in very handy for a multitude of product packaging. These boxes are highly demanded and used due to their cost-effectiveness. If you order some kind of packaging from the packaging company it will cost more shipping and delivery charges as it will take up more space.



Foldable boxes are a must for any vendor, and as an entrepreneur it is essential to be creative with your packaging. These custom collapsible boxes are the solution to all of your packing problems, thanks to our designs that are enhanced by a variety of print methods including embossing and die-coding. Another unique feature of these boxes that is gaining in value to every company today is their recyclability, which is critical for long-term business success.

You can cut your shipping costs by using our unmatched folding boxes. The content of these boxes are the most effective solution to all of your packing issues. These boxes have been specially designed to maximize brand and obtain brand recognition. These collapsible boxes are meant for highly sensitive and valuable items that require protection from various environmental factors, but at the same time, they are still able to be rapidly assembled and unfolded again. Due to the uniqueness and creativity of these boxes, we’re confident that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

The only way to be different is the way you handle boxes. Our custom collapsible boxes are the most effective way to present your brand across any industry, trade or location. In addition to being an excellent marketing vehicle for direct-mail marketing, our collapsible boxes add an extraordinary value for all kinds of companies in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, we provide a wide variety of customized designs at incredibly competitive rates.

Using our custom collapsible boxes is the simplest and most reliable way to pack your product, according to the needs of every client. Our innovative marketing technique identifies you in an appealing and professional way to a buyer. Your company name, logo or profile picture will be prominently printed on it, and it’s high quality construction makes this sturdy and durable to achieve many years of profitable use.

The complete set of collapsible boxes come in two sizes, both to effectively fit all of your packing needs. They are made of clear plastic and come with attractive artwork reflecting your company logo. The box contains enough space for you to fit all of your accessories, as well as any small gift items you want to add. Both boxes come with a full-color sticker on their front, so there is no need to take it off when carrying in your suitcase or rolling it up inside the car.

Property FeatureWorld-class artwork.Long and strong metal stands reduce breakage and further assist in safe storage or shipping.Foldable and collapsible design, users can compact boxes and ship these easily.Re-usable, easy to use with storage bag, easy to clean.Safety NoticeScam Alert: Please beware of sellers who have not sent quality items and are trying to swindle you out of money with these boxes that are not what they claim.”

These custom folding boxes are lightweight and a breeze to pack. Their shreddy thin design allows them to fit dimensions similar to 4-inch cube requirements. The second most notable feature of these boxes is their ability to fold up like an accordion. They are sold in a set of ten collapsible boxes designed to fit up to 1/2 cubic foot when folded flat. For example, the 10 inch x 12 inch x 8 inch box can carry up to 96 ounces of liquid, which makes it ideal for packaging small household products, toiletries, and fragrance products such as cleaning supplies, aftershaves and personal care items (toilet bowl brushes and such).

Foldable Boxes are primarily used to transport fragile goods and are sized to fit in a car trunk or on an airplane. It’s important that items you send be handled properly, especially for antique and collectible items which must be packed in sturdy packaging. These boxes are also helpful for shipping heavy items such as TV’s, furniture and appliances. The folded box design preserves the item’s shape and displaces most of the weight evenly, enabling more efficient handling. The finished product is punctual in appearance and can easily be glued using our preeminent adhesives. This box has a flap top that you can fold back up while still providing access to the contents inside or use a piece of tape to hold it closed securely.

We specialize in box manufacturing, as well as custom box making, folding boxes, shipping boxes, logos and designs on packaging products. With more than 10 years of experience, our standards have been set high. Purchasing custom made boxes and related products at reasonable prices are our express projects we offer the competitive pricing with various types of packing methodologies to clients in their businesses. As part of our additional projects we also do such as displaying brand packaging at conferences and catering services.

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