Eyeliner is a must-have for the 21st-century woman. It is one of those items that are usually always carried around in purses or bags by women all around the world. Eyeliners add essential depth to the appearance of the eyes of the users. Eyeliner boxes need to be chic and sleek, just like the product itself.  Designing striking eyeliner boxes that can amaze your customers is tricky but an easy task for our specialist creative design team at Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging.

Eyeliner Boxes for Personal and Commercial Uses:

In the makeup and cosmetic industry, there’s no such thing as too much. You can never have too much makeup. And there can never be too much glamour on the packaging of these products. Eyeliner boxes need special attention, they hold a product that is applied by the customer to the skin and eye area. They’re the ultimate source of beautification and highlighting the best female feature – eyes. Eyeliners have survived throughout time and will probably never go out of demand. So, if you’re a makeup brand your eyeliner boxes need to be of high durability and completely flattering to make sure the product reaches the customer safely while packaged in the most attractive looking eyeliner box around. Professionally designed eyeliner boxes display the item in a more efficient manner, crafted windows and extra sleeves or pockets can be added to enhance the appeal.

Custom Eyeliner Boxes Tailor Made Just for You:

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging provides clients with the chance to get custom eyeliner boxes designed in the most attractive and captivating ways possible. We wish to provide you with something different, that helps your product stand out from amongst competitor products, and make it safely into the purse of every female who sets her eyes on them. These boxes are made with the preferences and needs of the client on priority. Our dedicated creative design team works closely with you to make sure you get the custom eyeliner box you have always wanted.

Our Wide Range of Customizable Options:

The custom eyeliner boxes are made with high-quality durable material which is 100 % ecofriendly. These custom eyeliner boxes are available in Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV coatings. Other options like Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink are also available to choose from to make sure our clients get nothing but the best.

Wholesale Eyeliner boxes:

We offer the quickest turnaround time with exciting savings when it comes to our wholesale eyeliner boxes. We make use of the most reliable, sturdy yet recyclable materials available in the market to complete your wholesale eyeliner boxes. Our 24/7 support department are anxiously waiting to help you with your quotations and order processing. All orders are dealt with the utmost priority as we use state of the art printing and cutting technology to make sure your wholesale eyeliner boxes are of high quality.

your Excellent Service:

Our round the clock, proactive customer support keeps our clients updated about the status of the order and help them with any queries, complaints or issues, ensuring excellent customer service at all times. We wish to provide high standards of value for money to our clients, and ensure that their needs are met with the best of products and services. Our devoted designers are talented and have a knack for something different. They ensure personalized products and execute all the preferences of our clients in the end product, which results in high customer satisfaction levels. Our aim is to help you sell more by offering you exclusive packaging solutions you won’t see anywhere else!

Pick Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging:

Our packaging material is approved after testing for durability. We make use of only the best material, resulting in not only exquisite and fine-looking packaging boxes but those that are extremely practical and will save your products from breakage, dust and moisture. High-quality eco-friendly material, paired with high-end printing and designing technology, the expertise of our devout designers, our 24/7 customer support and quick turnaround time of 8-10 days till the packaging boxes are delivered to your doorstep makes for the best package around, and that too, at completely affordable prices. We offer the best in the market, get your custom eyeliner boxes today!