The best part of the face is the eyes and for many people, eye shadow is one of the most important rituals in their daily or formal makeup routine. However, when you throw your cosmetics in your bag in a hurry, they’re prone to damage or breakage, or risk getting opened halfway and completely ruined. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging can help you avoid that fate for your expensive cosmetic items and help keep them safe!


Eye Shadow Boxes for Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pallets!

In this day and age, makeup is essential! Be It any occasion, a birthday party, a wedding, a dinner, any sort of formal gathering, occasion or event whatsoever, you just won’t do without makeup. A beautiful dress, shoes and hair are important, but your look will never be complete without makeup! It is also said that eyes are the windows to the soul, and most women focus on beautifying their eyes and highlighting those features.

However, carrying various items of makeup in your purse can be quite a hassle, and when you prep yourself for a long day out, you might often need to touch up or fix your looks from time to time to keep that glamorous look in place. It is a lot more convenient to keep your important cosmetics organized and safe in your purse than to have it all shoved in in a hurry to be on your way, and risk damaging or breaking them. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging provides the answer, get your eye shadow boxes today and get them customized according to the size, colour, material, texture, type (window or closed) according to your requirement. Hold that precious makeup in place to keep it safe and unharmed inside your bag. Avoid wasting countless minutes fiddling around in your purse searching for it, you can now keep your eye shadow box within your reach. Grab it, touch it up and go!

Eye Shadow Boxes Customized for Your Brand

This is what we specialize in, so call us, get your own eye shadow box packaging today! Besides that, we now provide a way for you to commercialize your very own brand of eye shadow in the most elegant customized boxes with your own company’s name, logo, catchphrase or anything else you want printing on it. All types, textures, colours, materials and sizes are available in a wide range for you to choose from.

For Wholesale Ordering:

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging offers bulk ordering for custom eye shadow boxes along with other packaging and printing solutions for other makeup items. At even lower wholesale rates, you can now order wholesale eye shadow boxes and get the order delivered to your doorstep in 8-10 days at affordable prices! We strive and ensure perfect consistency of design and making of each product in the bulk when you order wholesale eye shadow boxes, so stay assured!

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging Printing & Packaging

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging has managed to acquire a glowing reputation of providing nothing but the very best to clients all around the US and Canada. With a wide range of customizable options that help you create the look, you’ve been waiting for! We use state of the art printing technology that ensures bright, bold colours and precise designs, giving the packaging box a professional look! Our packaging material is chosen after vigorous testing for resistance against water, dust and air, to keep the products inside safe and sound! We use eco-friendly, biodegradable material with loads of finishing touches to choose from, resulting in a flawless final look.

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging Services:

Our customer support department ensures that clients are assisted with any queries, complaints or problems that might arise. Our customer service agents help clients place orders, navigate our site to reach their destination point. They also help clients track orders and remain proactive during post-purchase journey as well.

Our graphic designers work closely with clients to ensure that the order is followed through and the boxes are designed according to client needs. They innovate, design and excel at providing something extraordinary, ahead of the market trends, resulting in high client satisfaction levels!

Pick up the phone and place your order with us today, and have it delivered to you in 8-10 days!