Double-wall tuck front box style is another name for Roll end tuck front. The custom box possesses the highly demanded and renowned cherry lock feature. This box is non-glued. You can lock the top cover after putting the product inside. The custom double-wall tuck front is appropriate for weighty things because of the exceptional security it gives. The shape of this sort permits the best accommodation in trailer trucks and other transportation. So it is entirely suitable for numerous packaging purposes.

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In addition to many benefits, these types of boxes are not glued. The user just has to lock the lid after putting the product in and these are double walled structured, giving more strength to the packaging.

That’s why we prefer to store heavier and massive items in these box styles as this provides additional security and protection. Good News is that we are widely been linked with the logistic firms and they assist us to deliver an on time shipping. While the feature of these Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes is that, you find them completely feasible to transit and delivery.

To understand the structure, assume a box style that’s sideboards are moved to get the crate fit as and have a tuck at the front section. This front section is expanded at two locks that provide more protection and security to the product being enrolled in these boxes. Moreover, our Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes are ready for any level of customization and can be exclusively printed and designed with any feature, plus you can get them in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy this style and surprise the customers with the unique appearance of your product, that is definitely packed inside.

We assist and guide customers across the globe, and these kinds of boxes & containers are mostly found carrying anything! So either you need these in retail items, cosmetics industry, food items or any other industry, you are quite feasible with these box styles. Get to know more about the Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes from our experts.