Cupcakes are adored by all ages, confectionaries and bakeries make vast efforts to make these small delights as flavorful, unique and attractive as possible. The same amount of efforts should be put in cupcake boxes for these delicious delights. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging specializes in just that! Cupcake boxes should be fun, attractive, practical and more importantly durable, to keep your cupcakes fresher for longer.


Cupcake Boxes: Detailed Description

Whatever the occasion is, delightful and scrumptious cupcakes make the occasion worthwhile. New bakery businesses make effective use of their signature cupcake boxes to develop their brand identity among the masses. These boxes also keep the cupcakes safe from external moisture and dust while keeping them fresh and intact. The signature cupcake boxes are the greatest source of distinguishing one type of bakery cupcakes from others. In today society where the consumer mind is set on ‘’brands’’ it is very crucial that businesses establish their own identity, with their products, more importantly how their products are perceived.

Custom Made Cupcake Boxes for Personal and Retail Purposes:

Whether you’re a passionate baker at home and have a sweet tooth, a small startup bakery or a full-blown commercial business, your cupcakes need intricate packaging that emanates the same sweetness as the delicate dessert inside. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging understands this need and offers bakery businesses custom cupcake boxes. They can be printed with the bakery’s logo along with the additional information about the flavour and ingredients of the cupcakes.

Our Customizable Options!

Baking is an art, and art should never be generalized or outshined by similar products around. The uniqueness and distinctiveness that you desire your cupcake boxes to uphold can be provided here at Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging. Custom cupcake boxes can be modified regarding their dimensions, colours, inner partitions, graphic designs and much more. Custom cupcake boxes are available in Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV coatings along with other options like Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink to give those custom cupcake boxes a competitive edge over the others. These boxes also keep the cupcakes safe from external moisture and dust while keeping them fresh and intact. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging is proud of its creative design team who believes in providing the clients with nothing but the best when it comes to designing these custom cupcake boxes.

Wholesale Cupcake Boxes:

If you are looking to buy cupcake boxes or custom cupcake boxes in a large quantity, then you can benefit from our wholesale cupcake boxes discounts and rate. The wholesale cupcake boxes are made with the finest quality of stock choices to choose from which are 100% eco-friendly and make use of the latest and digital and offset colour printing techniques to print your outstanding cupcake boxes.

Our Design & Customer Support Department:

We not only strive to accomplish perfection in the product that we deliver to your doorstep; we also aim to provide you with best-personalized service around! Our team of creative designers is always at your service to assist you with your designs of packaging boxes, keeping your specifications and partialities in close consideration while creating something extraordinary for you. Our 24/7 customer care services are always on heels to answer your queries. All our departments believe in the ideology of providing nothing but the best.

Why Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging?

Whether it be packaging boxes for cupcakes, other edibles, or anything at all, Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging has you covered. We believe in selling only the best, and not only selling but creating lasting relationships with clients by serving them throughout their journey with us and offering them excellence and value for their money. Our round the clock customer support agents are helpful and offer assistance to clients in all matters, as we strive to provide not only the best product but also outstanding customer service. Our prices are low and our products high-quality. Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging makes use of material that is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and resistant to damage, dust and water. Our creative design, production and customer service departments believe only in the policy of providing nothing but the best. We strive to be the most renowned online packaging solution provider around. So, call us today and get a quote on your cupcake boxes.


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