Cube Boxes

Cube boxes are widely renowned for their cost-effectiveness and versatility of application. Cube boxes can be used for a variety of purposes when it comes to packaging. Any product you can think of that needs to be packaged, cube boxes are the way to go! From edibles to cosmetic products to digital appliances and many more! If you’re one to seek simplicity and minimalism in your product’s final look, custom cube boxes tailor-designed are what you need!


Cube Boxes for A Variety of Purposes!

All cube boxes are not the same. Some of them are made with high-quality printing that is durable and long-lasting, while others look cheap and fall apart easily. Tingley Boxes Ltd provides you with the opportunity to get these cube boxes with a high-quality printing of your choice with lasting, durable material that speaks of high standards. Most commonly fine quality cardboard stock is used for the manufacturing of cube boxes which proves quite cost-efficient.Do you have a product that is compact in size and needs the perfect packaging? Cube boxes are your answer, these highly cost-effective yet durable are the solution to all your compact product packaging worries. Cube boxes prove to be highly durable and reliable when it comes to retail packaging as well as gift packing. Cube boxes are extensively utilized in the retail industry for packing various kinds of merchandises such as cosmetics, chocolates, candies and gift items securely making it the perfect packaging for small items.

Are you looking for a unique design to stand out on the shelves? Get in touch with Tingley Boxes Ltd and make your dream turn into a reality. Our graphic designing and printing departments have top of the line equipment to get you a perfect product that will leave an everlasting impression on your customers.Your brand is important to us, our dedicated staff offers professional packaging services while ensuring high-quality printing, material and custom designs.’

Custom Cube Boxes by Tingley Boxes Ltd

Given our aim to provide exclusivity and personalized products and services to all clients keeping in close consideration all their specifications, our custom cube boxes are designed from scratch for you. These are highly customizable, which adds to its compatible nature of the application. Custom cube boxes can be modified to meet any clients or businesses’ needs, depending on your brand idea, theme, the product inside and the use for it – for instance, they can be ideally customized if they’re giveaways at special occasions, with special messages on top, etc. Assorted customizations can change the complete look of the custom cube boxes and can also add to their convenience.

Wholesale Cube Boxes:

We offer 100% custom printed cube boxes that cater to your exact specifications. The innovative and talented team of our design group will turn your vision into reality by producing designs that are perfect for you. Our affordable, unbeatable wholesale discount rates have made us one of the leading packaging companies in the market. A brand image is very important for a company; therefore we use eco-friendly materials for printing to portray a positive image of your company as well.

Why Tingley Boxes Ltd?

Tingley Boxes Ltd started with the idea of designing and providing premium quality cube boxes for our clients. Now we are proud to say that we provide some of the best packaging for affordable prices in UK. We have developed relationships with some of the top printers and material suppliers to guarantee the quality of our products. Our customers are also very important to us, so we promise to provide excellent customer service during your purchase process as well as a quick turnaround time so you can receive your products as soon as possible.

Tingley Boxes Ltd is a packaging solution provider serving top businesses around the world. For every custom packaging requirement, we provide tailored solution at affordable price with high quality and short turnaround time. We make sure that our solution meets your requirement in terms of products you want to pack, in terms of business promotion and cost-effectiveness. If you are satisfied with our mock-up designs, then we turn them into finalized designs thus initiating production on large scale in our dedicated manufacturing unit.

Every product is a reflection of your business, and when it comes to packaging, the cube box is no different. Other simple packaging boxes are merely a case of covering up, whereas our cube packaging products make it stand out amidst other products, leaving a lasting impression on your clients. Our custom cube boxes are meticulously designed to augment the presentation of your product in an already saturated market. We offer these services at very affordable prices with the highest quality printing and material, ensuring you get maximum value for money. Ordering with us means that you can choose the thickness, the size and all other aspects of your order down to the last detail.

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