We at Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging pay special attention when creating our Chinese takeout Boxes. They should represent culture, tradition, art and simplicity all while keeping your delicious food warm and fresh.
Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging offers you an exquisite array of customized Chinese Takeout boxes which are made to represent enriching Chinese cultural traditions with lively and brilliant colour schemes and succinct calligraphy.


Chinese Takeout Boxes for Your Chinese Food Takeaway!

Paper pail is the initial name of Chinese food box, which was invented in 1894 by Frederick Weeks. American inventor started his career as a designer and manufacturer of the paper containers. Therefore, to find one in the local market those days was not an easy task. But surely, it proved to be a boon for food delivery industry. The first version of takeout boxes by Weeks was made from a single sheet of paper carefully folded to make leak-proof containers with a wire handle on top. He sold this design to restaurants and stores throughout New York City.

If you are someone who finds it tough to pack your home cooked Chinese food in a paper container, then here is the solution you have been looking for all this while. The Prestigious Food Packaging is manufacturing disposable Chinese takeout boxes that are leak-proof meant to preserve food. These boxes are made of polyethylene material and can hold hot and cold foods. They can be used to pack beverages too giving your customers an ease when it comes to food packaging.

When you need cheap Chinese take out boxes, it could be an easy task to find them on the market. However, not all of them are suitable for your packaging needs. You might also get disappointed by doing a research as you may find hundreds of vendors and even more designs. We have made a special search for you to make your job easier and to help you buy the perfect Chinese food containers for your needs.

With a large range of beautifully designed Chinese takeout boxes, we can provide the most efficient food packaging solution. Our food containers are in diverse colors and designs, which is why they are preferred by restaurants, caterers, and others who want to make a delicious presentation for their customers.

Paper or plastic? Whatever the choice, we are here to fill your food packaging needs. Our products will neatly package and present a delicious meal, while fitting your food budget perfectly. Our Chinese takeout boxes come in different sizes and styles, meaning that you can select the one that best fits your content.

Take out boxes, which are also known as Chinese food containers is a perfect use of paper packaging. These boxes are gift-wrapped by the restaurants with their branded stickers. They are readily available in the market at very reasonable prices. They are widely used by the restaurants as a way of increasing their sales as well as providing convenience to the urban families and offices that has little time to cook a full meal. They have got very competitive pricing and help in grabbing attention due to its innovative design and attractive colors.

If you are looking for Chinese takeout boxes in the UK, then look at no further. We offer a variety of such boxes to our customers. If you want to buy quality food packaging suppliers with a highly customized approach, we are the best source for you. Tingleyboxesltd. take up special responsibility for all your packaging needs, serving quality, convenience and speed.

Tingleyboxesltd is your source for high quality Chinese takeout boxes at affordable costs. If you have an idea or custom design in mind, we are the right company to turn to.Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the type of Chinese takeout boxes we offer or if you would like to order some samples.Our pick up locations cover almost all major cities in the USA and London as well.

Finding rice boxes wholesale is not going to be an easy job for you if you don’t know where to go for. But, let me simplify your search and make it quick, hassle-free and easier than anything else. is a name in the packaging industry that is making people aware of their products by using a unique strategy “one customer at a time”. You will find a variety of rice boxes wholesale here that come in different textures, styles and colors and even with different handle options. Besides, we offer customized printing services on these boxes to make them even more attractive. is the best resource for finding box packaging in your vicinity; this is so because all of our products are handcrafted, eco-friendly and made of 100% recyclable materials. Each product is custom designed to meet your individual needs and preferences, making us the one-stop solution for all of your box packaging requirements.

We have an extensive variety of Chinese food packaging boxes which is made up of either plastic or cardboard. These boxes are used to hold Chinese food items in a professional manner. A typical box is mostly square in shape, but you can opt for any other customized shapes if you want. You can also personalize it with your brand name and logo if you want to give your name a competitive edge over the others.

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