Nothing better than starting the day right! With a bowl full of cereal and just the right amount of milk. What makes the perfect cereal? The taste? The colours? The shade? The textures? Yes! But what is that one thing that lures the customers in before anything can take place? The Cereal boxes themselves! These boxes play a crucial role in making the cereals tempting and mouth-watering. You will find them in different customized sizes, shapes, designs and colour schemes in accordance with the packaged cereals.


Cereal Boxes:

You have just created an empire in the cereal business. You have brands that are famous all over the world. However, your current packaging is not what the market is looking for. If you are thinking of getting a new box design made and if you are facing problems communicating with the designer, then there can be only one solution. Internet! The internet has everything at your disposal and it does not matter if you do not know how to use Photoshop and other graphic design softwares. All you need is to type

CEREAL BOXES are designed on the basis of color and brand logo. Paperboard is recycled regularly and has the strength of 1-2 folds. Designing companies utilize paperboard to avoid pollution and find a recyclable material in neighborhood. Lately there has been a great demand of cereal boxes with a different design.

As mentioned above, color schemes are very important. Cereal boxes are generally given a bright, colorful design to attract more customers.

Cereal-box technology is an important part of the design and printing industry. The process of cereal box design has grown over the years along with the companies that use them. The reason companies substitute cereal box design is to boost the sales that they get from their product. This can be done through strong marketing strategies and consumer involvement with the designers.

Cereal boxes are the first visual impression of any cereal relating to a consumer. You spend countless hours designing and preparing your brand and products, however, if your packaging design is off, you will lose potential customers. Cereal boxes are important to attract customers and encourage them to purchase your product. Packaging designs will differ depending on the different products but in general it must have elements that draws attention and makes the packaging appealing. The following tips should be considered when designing the cereal package:

Matcha Green Tea is a refreshing (we are not sure if the word “refreshing” goes well with the word “exotic”) tea that comes in many forms, including a ready to drink liquid. Matcha Green Tea has different varieties available. CEREAL BOXES is one of the product varieties that have gained popularity nowadays. Matcha Green Tea comes in small sized 2 oz. boxes and a 10 oz box. The front of the box uses images that include the water and leaf representation of green tea to denote its source. The target audience for this product would be females with its attractive color combination, attractive fonts and “new age” look and feel.

Tingleyboxesltd is an expert in printing on packaging materials. Cereal boxes are very attractive, attractive and colorful. The product is put into a box by the manufacturer and comes out with a cover. A film to protect the product is made out of two films. The films are then glued into place with a hot air laminator called a heat sealer. First, the laminators apply glue along the two edges of the films with a laser beam and then they fuse them together. Heat seals that are applied are heat sealed with hot air and pressed together to form convex forms on each side of ​​the carton machine without any pins or wires as shown in Figure 1

Cereal Boxes are cereal package boxes created for carrying and displaying cereal packages. Cereal boxes can be made from different varieties of paper board and from plastic. Polypropylene is sometimes combined with other materials to make it more durable as a packaging material.

Paper boxes – a necessity to every food-selling business are usually printed using only the four classic colors of yellow, red, blue and green. Using these colors, you can print almost all food products provided packaging design is done creatively.

The custom cereal boxes can be designed by our team with your brand colors and logo on it. Just send us your designs and instructions and we will customize the product for you.

A great prize awaits you, if you decide to purchase these cereal boxes. Dear consumer, do read the details about the prize that you are privy to. A great offer, full of surprises! Why not give it a try? Have a great morning with a healthy breakfast

Color combination is very important in cereals that have cartoon characters on them. You do not want to use dull or dark colors while printing these boxes. Make sure you discuss the color schemes carefully and bring samples of competitive cereal boxes that you like.

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