From lunch distributable to shoe boxes to mobile phone boxes, Cardboard Boxes are an amazing solution for most of the packaging. Their lightweight characteristics allow them to fit in diverse niches. Tingley Boxes Ltd is capable of producing them simple and with custom designs as well. Compact Cardboard Boxes come in all the different shapes and sizes from Tingley Boxes Ltd.



Cardboard boxes are the most efficient, versatile and commonly used kind of packaging which we encounter in our daily lives. They serve as perfect tool of packaging in the retail packaging industry. They not only advertise your products but also proves to be useful for transportation and storage of products. They are highly customizable and possess a capability of comprehensive modifications according to your required dimensions. To get the most sturdy, durable and high quality customized boxes, Tingley Boxes Ltd is an ideal resource. We are the premium packaging Manufacturer Company that offers you the best and most exciting range of customized boxes.

Cardboard boxes are present all around you in your daily life. These boxes are utilized for limitless purposes. They are exclusively manufactured from hard and sturdy material that possesses the capability of withstanding wear and tear and environmental abrasions. Therefore, these boxes make an ideal choice for the transportation and storage of a large number of merchandises available in the market. Whether you need to package your newly launched cigarettes, or children’s toys or cereals, jewellery or need to ship your items from one place to another, these boxes are highly recommended and used. Many different variations can also be added to these boxes such as compartments, handles, partitions etc.


Custom cardboard boxes prove highly beneficial and fruitful for your business. You can have your product packaging boxes printed with your company’s logo along with glamorous and eye-catching designs and color schemes to captivate the attention of the potential customers. You can also highlight additional details of your company for the information of the customers. Cereal boxes, kid’s toy boxes, candy boxes, cake boxes etc. are made in flashy and vibrant colors and exquisite images to instantly grasp the gaze of the passerby. These boxes can also be used as gift boxes to present them on different occasions. You can add various captivating, glittery and dazzling embellishments to give them a personalized touch along with adding a personal handwritten the snappy note. These gift boxes can be used for any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

Our exceptional services

Tingley Boxes Ltd aims to provide you with exceptional packaging printing and manufacturing services with the fastest turnaround time and 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with your order. We provide you with free delivery of the order across U.S.A and Canada.

Our packaging material and Printing

We manufacture your packaging using the 100% bio-degradable, Eco-friendly stocks, which are highly durable and sturdy. We make use of latest full-color printing techniques to give true to life colors to the printing.

Our Cost-effective packaging

The bulk ordering of customized wholesale cardboard boxes will cut down your cost to the minimum as we charge wholesale prices for the bulk orders.

Our designing assistance and customer services

Our company is proud to have creative, professional and expert graphic designer team that provides you with exquisite design templates to complement your packaging. We also offer you design assistance in case you need customized artwork or design for your customized cardboard boxes. Our customer support team is at your service 24/7 to answer your queries and to help you with the ordering process. We make sure that you get what you want from us to your exact provided requirements.

Cardboard boxes whether simply, printed or corrugated can be produced in a variety of shapes ranging from the simplest to customized. They are lightweight, easy to handle and corrugated packaging is probably the most ideal solution for a number of applications. The creative designs and versatility make them suitable for even complex requirements. Tingley Boxes Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of boxes and offers a wide range of applications for cardboard boxes which are represented on their website, .

Cardboard boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard which is an amazing solution for most of the packaging. Their lightweight characteristics allow them to fit in diverse niches. Tingley Boxes Ltd is capable of producing compact cardboard boxes which are simple and with custom designs as well. These boxes are made of high-quality material, standard thickness and different sizes according to your needs.

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