Cakes create a sense of taste explosion and a desire to want more. The Cake Boxes enable the bringing of the full flavour and keeping the texture intact, for the customer to take a full taste of this delicious delight. Tingley Boxes Ltd handles the production of Cake Boxes with such care, that makes them easy to assemble yet strong and sturdy.



Our excellence in manufacturing and printing services

Cake boxes are specially designed to keep cakes safe from the damage and help create a display that makes your product look even more mouth watering and delicious.

Keeping your product safe is important to you and the quality of Cake boxes will do just that.The beauty of custom Cake Boxes is that they are available in all shapes, sizes, designs and weight. From the paper weight to the thickness of the walls and coating options, you can choose and customize it based on your product needs. They look great when scaled with a label or sticker on them and customers are attracted to quality here too.

You might be asking yourself, why should I use a custom cake box? Well, the simple reason is because you deserve the best to showcase and protect your delicious product. This custom cake boxes are specifically made for the precise size of your product with a variety of design options. These boxes can also be adapted to fit any supporting gadgets that may need additional support during shipment like: insulating pads for added energy preservation, strain relief bars/bags/cushions, including extra corner protection to make sure no corners or edges get damaged or mashed during transportation.

We offer custom high tech cake boxes in various designs and sizes. Made of high quality boxes with extra attractive packing factors, these boxes are also specially designed to crowd consumer needs and expectations. We provide you best cake box solutions for your requirements.

Cake Boxes are a complete package of Cake boxes that can be used for both transporting and storing your cakes. Made up of the best quality materials and in line with standards, the cake boxes are sure to keep your product safe, sound and secure from damage. Be it an online order or an offline one, our cake boxes have got it all covered up for you.

The design and customization of a cake box is the most important factor to consider when you want to buy one for yourself. A cake box should be such that it protects the cake from all angles. The best way to protect a fine looking cake is to place it in a stronger protective cover or container. You can even do better by adding additional features in your box but this will cost you more money. The lid of the box should have attractive designs printed on it so that the person opening it will appreciate your product and its design further.

At a first look of the packaging it should highly attract your customers. A good cake box should be a mix of high quality and classic standards. You can require printing in the box or on its cover or you can stitch or merge the design with it. It’s totally your choice wherein you will simply be suggested tips to add on to the end product!

If you are looking out to sell your product in shops, cafes and restaurants, then the cake boxes play an important role in making the product reach their shelves in an attractive manner. Boxes can be designed as per your specific needs and specifications. They come in different sizes and shapes that can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. They are also available with printing capabilities which can help you enhance the look as well as the sales of your product.

We have a wide assortment of cake packagings that allows you to make your cake look mouth watering in the eyes of the customer. Our Cake Packaging Boxes can be custom made according to your requirements. We are here to offer our services and support at every level when you purchase Cake Packaging boxes.

Cake boxes are available in usa and they are used mostly to store birthday cakes. These cake boxes are actually made of good quality material which is less prone to damage as well as tears. These you have to keep in mind the following facts while buying a Cake Box.

Tingley Boxes Ltd Packaging provides you with the 100% guaranteed quality and satisfaction assurance in terms of material, manufacturing and printing of your product packaging. We offer our services worldwide with the fastest turnaround time and free delivery all across the U.K.

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