Business Card Boxes

Business cards are the most professional form of introduction known to the modern world, they are a statement, they are prestige and if done right they leave a lasting impression. This is where Tingley Boxes Ltd Business Card Boxes come in handy. Our business card boxes can be used to store your personal cards or business cards you have received from others. They fit both purposes.

Business Card Boxes:

So you have the right suit for work, the right shades, the right tie and the right briefcase, with the right business cards that are exquisitely printed to suit your corporate look, so why not excellently designed and perhaps matching business card boxes to keep the cards in, a final elaborate look of excellence and to keep them from bending and smudging, and keeping the paper of the cards safe from water damage and the usual wear and tear to the edges. They play a vital role in the recognition and recalling of your business and services. They need to be kept safe and tidy, imagine handing someone a bent dirty business card, not much of an impression is it? Tingley Boxes Ltd can provide you with business card boxes with numerous number of designs, size variations and die-cutting options.

There are two kinds of business card boxes available. One type of boxes is used for organizing and keeping your own company’s business cards having information about you and your company while the other kind of cards is used for holding the business cards of your clients and customers. Regardless of the purpose of the box Tingley Boxes Ltd can design, create and manufacture custom business card boxes best suited for your professional need. Our state of the art press and expert design teams can help you design the perfect custom business card box with your company logo, your choice of designs and illustrations and so much more. Tingley Boxes Ltd understands the importance of business upkeeping and knows that having perfect custom business card boxes is essential to any successful business.

Tingley Boxes Ltd

We offer a great many customizable options such as embossing, debossing, getting a matte finish, a glossy or textured look, or even gold/silver foiling and metallic labelling for a more high-end look. Get your custom business card boxes designed and manufactured exactly the way you want and enjoy complete uniqueness and personalization, and an edge in the corporate world, with business card boxes to match your cards and to keep them looking new and safe for time to come! If you have a large order, we would love to cater to you. No order is too big for us, you can take advantage of bulk order savings and discounts on the ordering of wholesale business card boxes. We make use of 100% bio-degradable, sturdy, durable and finest material along with the latest printing techniques to provide you with the wholesale business card boxes that make your products stand out from the lot. Our design team will help you design the one-off business card box for your business if you have a design already made bring it along and benefit from our free design-assist.

Our exceptional Services:

The Tingley Boxes Ltd strives to achieve absolute excellence and perfection by not only serving each client and providing them with their desired products, but also building and retaining close relations with them. Our top-notch, latest printing technology, round the clock customer support, durable material, customizable options and devoted team of talented designers make sure that your packaging needs are met with the most innovative and exclusive of products. Our packaging boxes are resilient and designed with eco-friendly, biodegradable material to last you a long time. We also offer and aim to achieve consistency of high-quality throughout our journey with the client, and the expertise of our great tenanted graphic designers comes into play here, along with the latest printing technologies we make use of, ensuring sharp and bold colours and a great, perfect, professional final look. To top it off, we have a short turnaround time of 8-10 working days with free delivery across the UK and Canada regions at affordable prices especially if you go for wholesale business card boxes. Place your order today!

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