Auto Bottom Tray is mostly used for display purpose in retail stores. Auto Bottom Tray boxes come up with a pre-glued formula which is easy to assemble and time-saving. Mostly seen at store shelves or countertop displays.

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Auto Bottom Tray is an amazing packaging solution which is used widely throughout the globe. Plenty of companies love to get the customized auto bottom tray for giving a boost to their reputation and business. The main purpose of the Auto Bottom Trays is to enhance the display of the products and bring them into the spotlight. These are frequently seen in the retail.

When it comes to its manufacturing, Tingley boxes limited leaves no stone unturned to manufacture the tray on the latest machine. Besides using the latest equipment, Tingley boxes limited ensures the use of sturdy cardboard stock for the manufacturing. This is the basic reason behind the marvellous strength of auto bottom tray.

An Auto Bottom Tray Box is a pre-glued folding carton which comprises of bottom construction. It can be simply turned into a flat plate shape by simply flapping it. On stretching this box, it smoothly takes back its original position. Fabulous!