Archive Boxes:

Archive Boxes are well known for their space-saving efficiently. Our Archive Boxes have you covered, with long-lasting durable material these boxes can surely stand the test of time. Archive Boxes can be customized to fit any storage space requirements. They are available with exciting printing options to cater to your desired requirements. Archive Boxes are the ideal space-saving solution for both home and office use alike.


Archive Boxes:

Whether it is your favourite record collection that needs to be put safely, your child’s clothes from when he/or she was a toddler, some memorabilia that’s you have collected along the years that has great sentimental value to you, documents in the office or even if you want to create a time capsule that will stand the test of time, then our archive boxes are the solution for you. You can decorate them with ribbons, beads, paper flowers, glittery papers, bows, or can wrap up in a captivating gift paper and can even draw and paint a colourful scene on these boxes to add a personalized. We also do custom Archive boxes, where our expert design team works closely with you on the dimensions and the personalized finishing touches that satisfy your requirements. If you have a design already made, bring it along with you and get free design-assist without any hassle and we will make sure that you walk out with the custom archive boxes you always wanted.

If you have a lot of things laying around that cause really use some organization and putting away, get your custom archive boxes to save you! It could be some things from your childhood that you cherish, some documents that are important or just things that need to be put away in order to save space. If you’re a business and deal with a lot of documentation and client data that you can’t afford to lose, Silicon Tingley Boxes Ltd provides the best solution with our custom archive boxes. These durable boxes will not only keep your documents safe, but also organized alphabetically, and if you want, also light up the storage rooms with a little colour added to these boxes. Get them customized according to your brand information to go a further!

If you are looking to buy archive boxes or custom archive boxes in large quantities, Tingley Boxes Ltd is the place for you. Our wholesale archive boxes and their wholesale rates will leave any competition in the dust. When placing a bulk order for wholesale archive boxes, you will be able to benefit from our bulk order discounts. Our state of the art press along with our expert design team will make sure your business gets the packaging solution it deserves.

Our exceptional services:

Tingley Boxes Ltd is renowned for its unprecedented manufacturing and printing services for packaging boxes with a turnaround time of 8 -10 days with free delivery across the UK and Canada regions. Our 24 hours support team is ready to make sure your custom archive boxes are done right. Our packaging material is 100% recycle able, durable and of finest quality according to your requirements. Our packaging boxes are resilient and designed with eco-friendly, biodegradable material to last you a long time. We also offer and aim to achieve consistency of high-quality throughout our journey with the client, and the expertise of our great tenanted graphic designers comes into play here, along with the latest printing technologies we make use of, ensuring sharp and bold colors and a great, perfect, professional final look. We have the most imaginative, professional and expert team of graphic designers who believe in delivering only the best in archive packaging solutions, along with many others. Our 24/7 support team is always there to help you reach your packaging goals, track your orders, and assist you with any queries, complaints or problems you might have. We struggle to provide proactive and immediate customer service to our valued clients and aim to achieve higher and higher customer satisfaction levels. Pick up the phone and place an order with us today for your custom archive boxes or wholesale archive boxes at unbelievable rates that will offer complete value and quality for the money!

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