1-2-3 base boxes are also known as Snap Lockboxes, these cases may require more time for gathering yet are more secure than tuck end boxes. Base folds are interlocked with each other for the conclusion. There is a choice accessible for an extra fold at the base to accomplish more quality from the base.

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1-2-3 Bottom boxes are a type of folding cartons that utilize three folds at the bottom to hold together the structure of the box. These boxes, by definition, are very sturdy and easy to put together. This is why more and more businesses opt for 1-2-3 bottom boxes –the ease of assembly allows product packaging to be a breeze. Such boxes can be customized according to the needs of Custom Boxes. For example, they can easily be made into display boxes. Tingley Boxes Ltd manufactures high-quality 1-2-3 Bottom boxes that can be tailored to your need.